Lara-Deepika Sale bonding!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 5 -- When two actors decide to shop together, you can be rest assured there will never be any ego issues between them, announces Rapchik Rajni as she settles into the rattan chair next to my French windows. What are you talking about, I wonder and she replies that she's talking about Lara Dutta and Deepika Padukone's buddy-buddy 'baatein'.

Seems the two hit off really well during the making of Housefull in London. So much so that after packing up the day's work, the two 'sahelis' would often take off for long shopping sessions.

Lara, who was more familiar with the city, even knew which stores had sales on... And she would often take her Padukone pal to make the most of the bargains there, informs Rajni. Needless to say, although the two 'abhinetris' spent a bomb on their shopping sprees, they consider their 'dosti' the best thing that ever happened during the London schedule of their movie. Kewl!