Lady Gaga: 'The meat dress stunk very bad'


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Oct. 30 -- She's a pro at giving interviews. Then again, what else do you expect from someone who, in her own words, gives "up to 50 interviews a week" when she's busy promoting an album. In town to promote her album Born This Way and perform at Sunday's F1 concert, pop star Lady Gaga admits that 'pissing people off' is all in a day's work.

"I always have thought that if at least half the people don't dislike it (your work), you did it wrong. When it comes to a really great piece of art, 50% love it and 50% are pissed off," says the 25-year-old, when asked about her penchant for courting controversy with songs such as Judas or her infamous 'meat dress'.

And, she understands why the latter would not go down well, especially in the 'land of holy cows'. "I can understand why in India it would be controversial. But it was not a statement about cows. For that moment, it was important for me to make that statement for young gay soldiers in the military so I wore that dress as a statement about equality -we are all meat, we are all human, we are all the same," she says, admitting that the dress "stunk very bad" when she wore it.

The Grammy award winning singer, who will be quizzed by Shah Rukh Khan for a show today, admits she is 'excited' to meet the actor. In fact, she would even be open to an offer from Bollywood, provided one came her way. For now, though, she's content getting a taste of India -literally.

"I'm trying with all my friends who are with me here to put together a traditional Indian meal. I'd also like to go to a local restaurant," says Gaga, who paid an impromptu visit to Dilli Haat on Friday night. During the day, she ate food cooked by her personal chef in the hotel's kitchen as well as got a massage by a female masseuse, who has been hired just for her.

Arguably the most prominent supporter of the LGBT community, Gaga has plenty to say to members of the community here. "I would say to those in the LGBT community here in India that it is important to share your stories, to fight for equality, but fight peacefully. And it is through our shared experiences that we can move forward and transgress that negativity. The worst thing you can do is not speak up," says the singer who, at the same time, maintains, "I like to be removed in a political way because I almost feel like I can make more of a difference is politics is free.


It was a dream-come-true for Indian 'little monsters' when they met their Mother Monster on Friday. As part of an initiative by HT City and Desi Hits!, six lucky fans from all over India got to meet Lady Gaga while she was at the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi on Friday. "I had to keep pinching myself to believe this was really happening to me. I went up to her and she hugged me and I had to stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks," said 22-year-old Tareeshi Sangal, who gifted Gaga a pendant.

"She gave each one of us so much time. We all knew that Gaga loves her fans and always meets them with a lot of affection, but still had our fingers crossed. But now I can happily say that she did not disappoint us one bit," said Anurag Gupta, 18. Shubham Rawat, 17, from Haridwar, brought with him a Krishna idol in an ethnic carved wooden box. "This is my first Krishna and it'll always be special to me," said the singer, who plans to make a headpiece of all the gifts that came her way. "I also gifted Gaga a holy rudraksh string from Haridwar and she said she'll definitely wear it," he added. Seventeen-year-old Saif Tinwala from Mumbai took Gaga's autographs on his wristband, T-shirt and his diary, and requested her for a kiss. Gaga obliged him with a peck on the cheek. Purnita Bharat from Indore said, "I haven't ever seen or met any other celebrity who would devote so much of their time to fans and make them feel truly loved. I'll never forget this day."