Lady Gaga: 'India.. Mujhe tumse pyaar hai'


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Aug. 9 -- Lady Gaga confesses her love for India in heavily accented Hindi on the promo of an Indian TV chat show she has appeared in, but she also has a complaint to make against the country.

The 25-year-old American pop star, who recorded with yesteryear actor Simi Garewal for her show - India's Most Desirable - in Singapore last month, says in the show's trailer, "India this is Lady Gaga ... mujhe tumse pyaar hai!" But, Garewal says Gaga was upset with reports that she had refused to perform in India because she wasn't happy with the money. "I don't have money - whatever I have, I spend on my shows," said Gaga on the episode, which is likely to be aired late this month or early next month.

"She was quite upset with reports that she will not be doing a concert in India because she wants more money. She said it was entirely untrue. She is dying to connect to India, loves Indian food, and she knows she has hordes of fans in India. So she is coming to India in October, she said, not for a concert, as she has to shoot for her new video, but for a promotional tour," says Garewal. On the show, Gaga also said Bollywood is "very exciting" and that she "wants to get to know it more". "She also spoke about her struggle, which had more to do with her personality as she was growing up," adds Garewal.