Lady Gaga: 'I'm coming in October'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 12 -- This lady's gaga over India, and she can't wait to set foot here. But October's close, so the world's number one pop star, Lady Gaga, has her India to-do list ready. "I've wanted to come to India for so long, and I was so disappointed that I can't come right away because I have to get back to America to shoot for my next video. But I will perform in India this October and next year too," says Gaga, who spoke to us over the phone on Sunday from Australia, where she was promoting her latest album, Born This Way.

The singer explains that the album is about being yourself and loving who you are. "For many years, I was asked 'why' and so many other questions about my artistic choices. What I arrived upon while writing the album is that I lived half-way between reality and fantasy at all times, and that's my destiny. I was born this way," says the 25-year-old singing sensation.

She's still deciding which Indian cities will play host to her as part of the India leg of her concert tour, The Born this Way Ball, but she's thrilled about her visit. "India is a beautiful country and I find that a lot of my philosophies about art are mirrored in Hinduism, like the idea of reincarnation, being reborn in your true living days and not just after death. I am so excited about performing for my Indian fans."

Would she be open to starring in a Bollywood movie? "Yes of course! I have seen a few Bollywood films and I love how theatrical they are. That's my favourite part, they're so surreal and full of fantasy." And, she's all praise for Indian talent after the worldwide popularity of the desi remixes of her singles 'Born this way...' and 'Judas', recreated by

"It was a wonderful experience to be able to translate the works through the ears and hearts of these Indian producers. They are so talented. It'd be nice to meet them again and talk more music when I come," says the 'Mother Monster'. She also mentions that her stage name, Gaga, was inspired by the Queen song Radio Ga Ga, sung by vocalist Freddie Mercury who was a Parsi raised in India. "He had a huge impact on my life and my career." She also cites spiritual guru Deepak Chopra as the 'most influential person' in her life, followed by yoga guru Bikram Choudhury.