Kunal Khemu gets cosy with bikini babes!


By Hindustan Times

After the leaked lovemaking scene, it's the new poster of Blood Money that's making waves. In the poster, Kunal Khemu is seen shirtless with bikini babes and wads of currency all around him. But why's he looking so tensed? Is it because of the blood money?

A thriller, the film is directed by Vishal Mahadkar, and produced by Mukesh Bhatt. It is scheduled for release on 30 March, 2012.

The film is about a young and simple man, Kunal (Kunal Khemu) who is in love with Arzoo (Amrita Puri), however her parents don't allow her to marry him, as he is unsuccessful. The two run away and get married, and move to Cape Town. There, Kunal starts to work in a small business of diamond-exporting. However, Kunal has no idea that he is being taken into the underworld slowly!

Recently grabs from a leaked video of Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming film, Blood Money created a lot of buzz online. A hot love-making scene between the two actors — Kunal Khemu and veejay-turned-actress Mia Uyeda — made rounds on the internet. An angry Bhatt told HT Cafe's Kavita Awaasthi that the news came as a shock to him. “I am upset that this is being called a leak from our end to get attention. It goes against the profile of our film.”

He insists that it isn’t a promotional stunt. “Blood Money is not a Murder (2004). These leaked images won’t help the film. In fact, they will create the wrong buzz about it. They don’t represent the essence of the film.” In the scene, Kunal’s character has a momentary lapse of judgement and gets lured into having sex with Mia’s character. But he feels guilty upon regaining his senses. The film is supposedly inspired by Bhatt’s earlier film, Naam (1986).

“In Naam, the hero is involved in illegal activities by choice because he wants to make money. But in Blood Money, he falls into it by accident. The story is also about claming to be morally sound until someone tempts you. Millions of youngsters go abroad with stars in their eyes, but in the movie, Kunal’s character Kunal Kadam’s dream turn into a nightmare.” The thriller, which releases on March 30, also features actor Amrita Puri.