Konkana was nervous dancing with Madhuri Dixit


By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Sep 3 (IANS) Konkona Sen Sharma and stage fright don't go

together. But when the actress heard that she had to dance with the nimble

-footed Madhuri Dixit in "Aaja Nachle", she nearly ran away.

"It was scary," laughed Konkona.

Directed by Pradeep Sarkar of "Parineeta" fame, the film revolves

around an ageing actress, played by Madhuri, and how she gets friendly

with a young actress while working in a play and shares her secrets with


"Sharing acting space with Madhuri didn't make me that nervous. I

knew I could manage to hold my own in that department. But one has to be

totally crazy to even attempt to match dance steps with Madhuri. I thought

I'd faint when I had to dance with her," Konkona told IANS.

"Fortunately, our choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant gave me steps that

didn't make me look foolish in front of Madhuri. In fact, the film requires

unequal dancing between Madhuri and the rest of us in the cast," she


Konkona's last release "Metro" earned her rave reviews and she is still

basking in the glory.

"I just loved meeting Anurag Basu for the narration. He kept getting all

the characters' names confused. It was hilarious but I liked his honesty,

passion...and maturity."

She recalled an incident on the first day of "Metro" shoot, when her

mother's (Aparna Sen's) hairdresser, who was supposed to join her,


"She was with my mother for 33 years and she was supposed to join

me for 'Metro' in Mumbai when I got a call from my mother saying she was

gone. She was like a family member. Her going away meant an immense

loss. I was distraught. Anurag immediately cancelled my first day's

shooting and made me fly to Kolkata."

Audiences loved her pairing up with Irrfan Khan in "Metro".

"People are so pleased with my chemistry with Irrfan. But anybody

can have good chemistry with Irrfan. He's too good! We're crazy about

each other's acting. Though we've done five films together, this is the first

time we were actually on screen together. He also has a guest appearance in

'Aaja Nachle'."

At the moment Konkona is like a child in a candy store, picking up the

most yummy roles in Bollywood.

"It's not like I am getting only plum roles. A lot of what comes my way

doesn't inspire me. But, yes, 'Aaja Nachle' is very special.

"Madhuri Dixit is amazing! We had such a ball. We hung around

together even when we weren't shooting. Madhuri is such a big star. But

she's so chilled. So fun loving and totally unaffected."