Kolaveri Di success shows regional cinema's mass appeal


By Hindustan Times

South Indian superstar Suriya Saturday said regional cinema had potential for success across the country, in the same manner in which 'Tanglish' song Why This Kolaveri Di has become the contemporary chant of the nation.

Suriya, who has starred in blockbusters like Ghajini (in Tamil) and the Tamil version of Singam was speaking as the chief guest at the concluding ceremony of the 42nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI) at Panaji.

"Regional cinema is not getting focus. Most of the West thinks that Indian cinema is Hindi cinema," Suriya said.

"Regional cinema has the potential to build bridges across regions and cultures… Kolaveri Di plays in all the FM stations across India," Suriya said.

The actor also lamented the fact that "Indian cinema was synonymous with Hindi cinema to the western world" and that not much attention was being paid to correct this portrayal.

"Multiplexes should show regional cinema with English subtitles. With nearly 50% of India living in urban areas and knowing to speak English. This must be done to popularise regional cinema across the country," Suriya said.