'Kolaveri di...' is a phase that will pass: Dhanush



Mumbai, Dec. 31 -- Dhanush, of 'Kolaveri di...' fame, admits his unfamiliarity with English helped him choose words that connect with those not fluent in the language.

Dismissing the phenomenal success of the song as "just a phase that will pass" the actor admits that initially, speaking English was a "huge problem". Following criticism about the quality of the lyrics, he says, "It's not poetry, whatever silly words came to my mind, I used. The tune was composed in 20 minutes.

Now the song has become bigger than the film." Earlier this month, he performed live in Mumbai and admits that he wasn't nervous about his first stage performance. "I'm an amateur, so it didn't matter if I went off-key." Now he's focussing on shooting the song for wife, Aishwarya's film 3 in the first week of January. He says, "Let's see where it goes."