KKK3 was not rigged: Rahul Bose


By Hindustan Times

As the curtains come down on Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 3, speculation is rife that the reality show was rigged. But Rahul Bose, one of the 13 khiladis (participants), insists that there’s no truth to the rumours. “It wasn’t rigged, if it had been, there would have been another winner. KKK 3 was completely above board.”

Remind him that he had expressed displeasure over a “too big helmet” on camera after a stunt and even threatened to walkout, and the actor says, ‘I’m a sportsperson. I’ve been playing rugby for 10 years. I don’t mind losing but I’m used to a level playing field. More than myself, I was upset for my partner, Anne. She’s new to the show world and this was her big chance of catching someone’s eye. I can do another film and get another audience but she needed KKK 3. So I reversed my decision and stayed on for her sake.”

And did he ever regret doing that? “Never!” he exclaims. “Doing the show was a tremendous experience and all 13 of us got along genuinely well. There was no false camaraderie. Having played rugby, the dynamics of getting along with others is second nature to me.”

He insists that some of the stunts were brilliant and professionally handled and he never felt unsafe. He allowed Anne to take a call on which stunts she wanted to do and which he would take on. “It was important that she was comfortable because I knew that we would not get a second chance,” he points out. “Of course, we all had our off days. But the game was played by the rules and the end result was very fair.”

Given his sporting background, one had expected Bose to walk away with the grand prize? “Victory and defeat are not in your hands,” he says, adding with a smile. “I’ve been sharing a lot of Vedic philosophy with Anne. Hope it comes in handy sometime.