KJo's Student Of The Year will be his shortest film

By Hindustan Times

Known for his real extensively narrated tales, Karan Johar is now taking a different route for his newest film Student Of The Year. The duration of his campus flick would be just a little over two hours, which is a remarkable shift from each of his earlier four films that lasted for close to
three hours or even more.

"This is the current trend of making films and Karan has decided not to break that. In any case his productions (which were not directed by him) have been of shorter duration as well and though it was tough for him to follow that for his own film, he has managed to do that", says a close associate of the director.

While Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna stays on to be Karan's lengthiest film at 215 minutes, his last release My Name Is Khan (165