KJO to Adopt!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 10 -- I would make a good father, and my mother (Hiroo Yash Johar) will definitely make the world's best granny," asserts producer-director-fashion designer-TV anchor Karan Johar, who wants to adopt a baby soon.

"Not rightaway because several projects have been green lighted by my production house and as producer and director, I will be on my toes in the coming months. So I'll only bring home a child to hand over to a nanny when most of these projects are wrapped up and I have time to breathe."

An emotional Karan points out that he's been shouldering the responsibilities his father (filmmaker Yash Johar) left him when he passed away four years ago. So, his adoption plans had to take a backseat. "But Junior Johar will be along soon," Karan promises.

He admits that till a few years ago, it was too stressful for a single parent to adopt a child, but now Karan is confident of giving his child the right upbringing with plenty of love. "I want to see this baby grow up in front of me," he says. "Gender is not an issue. Girl or boy, this baby will be part of me. "

What about a mother for his child? A few days ago, the rumour mills were buzzing about the filmmaker tying the knot with the Band Baaja Baraat actor Anushka Sharma. That draws a laugh, "The whole industry knows that marriage and I don't go hand-in-hand. But someone spread the word around as an April Fools' joke and some jokers were fooled. I don't ever want to get married. I can be a father and a mother to my baby. And if I fall short, my mother is there to help me out."