KJo’s rapid fire for Sridevi and Madhuri!


By Hindustan Times

With two Indian divas Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit on the same stage for the first time ever in the history of Indian television, filmmaker Karan Johar decided to turn anchor and quiz the two ladies in his rapid fire round on a dance reality show. KJo asked them the following questions.

Which is your favourite genre??
Sridevi: Comedy
She also said a few lines from her hit comedy film, Chalbaaz, “Jaani yeh chaku hai, lag jaye toh khoon nikalta hai.” Karan said it was a hysterical scene that had to be recreated.
Madhuri: Romance
To this, Karan said, “Haan, romance toh tumhe sab mein daalna hai, aakhir Dil to Paagal Hai.”

Which co-star was the most difficult to dance with? Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff or Sunny Deol?
Sridevi: “Anil ji is family, so I don’t think he will mind if I take his name”.
Madhuri: “I think I will have to say Jackie, not because he couldn’t dance, but because I couldn’t look in his eyes… He made me blush whenever I tried. Even when we were shooting Ram Lakhan, and I would sing, ‘Oh Ram ji’, I would blush.”

Who’s the better dancer? Hema or Rekha?
Sridevi: I think Madhuri ji.
Madhuri: “We will answer your question if you answer ours… Rani or Kajol? Who’s your favourite?” Karan replied, “You caught me, I can’t answer this, I would have to say Kareena.”

Out of the 3 Khans, Aamir, SRK and Salman, who is the better dancer?
Sridevi: ‘Apne three Student of The Year ke actors mein who’s the better dancer?’
Madhuri: “None of them are trained dancers. Each have their own characteristics that help them. For Amir, it’s his sheer hard work. For SRK, it’s his style and Salman has his own masti that helps him look good. All are charismatic in their own ways.