Kirsten loves spending time with parents!


London, Aug 8 (IANS) Actress Kirsten Dunst says her family are the most important thing in her life and she loves spending time with her parents and grandparents.

"I speak to them every day. My grandmother lives with my mother and I worry about not seeing her enough. I love my grandparents. I can never understand why people put family into care homes. I feel proud that I've earned enough money to buy a house for my mother and grandmother," quoted the 29-year-old as saying.

"My grandfather in Germany was so proud of my Best Actress award. He was telling all his friends, he got to be the guy with the big news. I loved that," she added.

Kirsten lives with her younger brother Christian and admits she's "lucky" to have one of the wonderful family.

"I'm lucky with my family. My younger brother Christian lives with me and when I'm not working I travel. I see friends," said Kirsten.