Kiran Rao slams the illegal practice of gender determination



Kiran Rao and her actor-husband Aamir Khan had their one-and-a-half year old son Azad Rao Khan, through surrogacy. Now, actor Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri are reported to be having their third child through surrogacy and battling allegations that they got a sex determination test. Kiran, who is rumoured to have inspired them to opt for surrogacy, refuses to be drawn into the controversy, but says she sees no reason why anyone would want to enquire about the unborn baby’s sex.

You had Azad through surrogacy and now SRK-Gauri are reportedly following the path for their third child. This is still a taboo topic in our society. How should one go about it?
I feel surrogacy is an option for people who cannot have a child by other methods. If done ethically and if done well, it’s a viable alternative for people like me who can’t have a baby. In fact, it’s probably the only way we could have had Azad. I’m very grateful that we could have the option of surrogacy. Having said that, it’s a tricky question. I feel it needs to be done very sensitively and ethically so that the process is not misused and all parties who are involved are taken care of properly.

Question of sex determination also arises with surrogacy...
It should not arise as it’s illegal in our country. There is no reason actually why should anyone want to know the sex of their unborn baby?

How’s motherhood treating you?
Azad’s good. He’s growing up fast. I’m really soaking up all the time I’m getting with him. I’m enjoying seeing the changes in him. Everyday there is something new and something beautiful to enjoy with him. We have got a dog now which he’s very fond of. He is very fond of dogs and cats in general, but especially ‘bow-bows’ as he calls them. Anytime he sees a dog, he wants to touch it and hug it. In our case, it’s a little difficult because Imli (their pup) is very small. So I get a little scared that he might end up hurting her but he loves her. It’s very cute when they run after each other.

How difficult is it to juggle between your son and work?
You always miss your baby. It’s difficult. But you also miss your work. So I miss working. It’s a balance that you have to strike. He is very fond of me. He’s quite clingy. But now he has started going to Montessori. He is getting used to the fact that I have to go to work.

Has Azad brought you and Aamir closer?
There is more to share I suppose. Earlier, it was mostly work and our creative head space but now it’s also this fantastic beautiful baby. We are very lucky to have a baby like Azad who is so much fun to share.

Are you thinking of another child in the future?
Oh, I don’t know.

Would you like to direct Aamir again?
I would love to. He’s great to work with and a real delight for a director. I would love to work with him again.