Khiladi Kumar's karate kick!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 12 -- Currently in Malaysia attending the 12th MILO International Karate Championships, along with the winners of the Akshay Kumar's Karate Tournament 2010, Mehul Vora, the man who helped Akshay Kumar pioneer the biggest ever martial arts movement in Indian karate, is humbled at how the small initiative has turned into such a colossal sporting event.

If that wasn't all, the expert is also very excited with Akshay Kumar 's bigger ambitions of introducing Combat Karate at the Invitational National Karate Championship 2012. Says Vora, chief technical director of the tournament "Combat Karate is traditional style with emphasis on full contact sparring and self-defense techniques for survival, It is know by several names such as Kudo and Daidojuku."

Impressed with the sport popularly practiced in the underground sectors of South East Asia, Akshay Kumar along with Mehul Vora, aim to full fledgedly introduce it in the country with courses that will range from two months to five years, at academies, which will have branches all over India with Mumbai as its headquarter.

Talking about working with his mentor Akshay Kumar on the venture and Vora says, "The Shihan (teacher's teacher), as we call him, is very hard working, extremely dedicated, and down to earth. He expects all of us to excel like him, and is always there, when we need him. It's been an amazing decade knowing and working with him."

He goes on to say that while not many know that Akshay, while working on the 7 Deadly Sins Series, was simultaneously shooting for a film in Manali.

He says, "He (Akshay Kumar) would attend his shoot till late nights, wake at 4 am, shoot for the serial and go back for his film shoot. This made me just look up to the man. I am his follower till date and will be forever."