Khiladi can't enter Baadshah's territory!


By Hindustan Times

In just one stroke, Shah Rukh Khan showed Akshay Kumar who really is the king of the jungle. Just the way lions mark their territory to other creatures and possible intruders, Shah Rukh proved to the Khiladi that he has been continues to be number one. Here's what happened.

Kumar and his friend cum co-star Suniel Shetty were promoting their film Thank You in Bandra. The actors were in the Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo bus (based on the song from the film) that was offering free rides to couples in Bandstand. The media, too, was happily surrounding the actors until...SRK came into the picture, literally.

Shah Rukh's house Mannat is at Bandstand, and Akshay's bus was parked right next to it. Possibly listening to all the commotion, SRK alongwith wife Gauri and a few others came out to his balcony.

What then?! Of course, all the paparazzi turned away from Akshay and Suniel and started clicking the happily waving Shah Rukh.

"We don't know what made SRK do that. Was it deliberate? Maybe, he wanted to take the limelight away from Akshay. In the past there have been news about a rivalry between them but later they met and hit it off. However, with yesterday evening's event it seems that SRK didn't like the presence of another star getting all the attention and that too just outside his house. His instant reaction was to come out and show the world the attention he can get."

Well, we're not sure if King Khan did this for attention or just out of curiosity but it sure seems like Singh is not king!