KHILADI 786: RD Burman features with Akshay in new song!


By Hindustan Times

This item number has all the usual elements, the skimpily clad foreigner, the overzealous action hero, the sulking heroine but what's new is the legendary musician RD Burman's presence in the song.

The latest song of Khiladi 786 called Balma stars not only Akshay Kumar, Asin but also legendary music director RD Burman. How?

Well, the song begins with Claudia Ciesla's booty shaking to RD Burman's signature bongo beats while the late musician features in snaps. As the song is set in a nightclub, visuals of Pancham da's smiling face interspersed with Ciesla's quivering hips seems a bit of a disconnect. To add to the confusion, the song even features the Khiladi's action stills from the film, creating quite a mish-mash experience in the song.

Asin features rather late in the song and all she seems to do is sulk at the bar, until she suddenly gets and shakes a leg but before you can blink, she's gone in a huff and a puff!

Possibly an attempt to pay a tribute to Burman, Himesh Reshamiya's composition Balma is catchy but rather monotonous. The song has been sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Sreeram and surprisingly even that doesn't help!

The lyrics are by Sameer Anjaan and the only memorable line from the song is 'Fire brigade mangwa de tu, angaaro par hain armaan…o Balma!' Mind you, that's only because it's repeated so often. The choreography is as repetitive as the lines.

Verdict: Watch it, close it, forget it.