Khiladi 786 is a comedy: Nargis Fakhri


By Hindustan Times

Six months after her debut Bollywood film, Rockstar (2011), Nargis Fakhri has finally signed her next film, Khiladi 786, with Akshay Kumar, produced by his banner Grazing Goat Pictures.

As part of her contract, Nargis will do three films with the banner — this one being the first. “Khiladi 786 is a comedy, and it’s a genre I’ve really been really waiting to experiment with. I’m very excited because it’s
completely different from the role I played in Rockstar. I’m doing two more films with them, but I’m not allowed to talk about those yet,” says the actor.

Nargis, who moved to Mumbai from New York a few years ago, has persisted with the diction and dance lessons she took up when she was preparing for Rockstar. The actor says, “It’s only been a short while since I’ve been in India, but a lot of things have improved. I’m on my way, and as long as I’m diligent, I know I will get better. It’s a different kind of challenge and I’m getting to learn something new.”

Between films, she’s kept herself busy with script
readings, brand endorsements and events — the latest being the launch of the Gaja Store at Nariman Point.

Ask Nargis about her constant link-ups and she gives a practised answer: “It doesn’t bother me anymore. Gossip is a part of my profession. I personally find it weird, but I understand where it is coming from. It’s the paparazzi culture all around the world.”

And how does she deal with it? She says, “Everything I’ve been reading about myself crosses the line. It’s ridiculous, boring and untrue. I’ve decided that I should just smile and wave at everyone instead of denying rumours.”

Nargis Fakhri’s imaginary affairs
Ranbir Kapoor: Ever since they were both signed for Rockstar, Ranbir and Nargis were rumoured to be dating. They were often spotted together and insisted that although they were getting along well, they weren’t a couple. The buzz fizzled out after the film’s release.
Shahid Kapoor: When Nargis flew to Goa to attend Shahid Kapoor’s lavish birthday bash, many tongues wagged. Both actors went all over town denying the rumours. Now, Shahid is being linked to Australian model Kristina Akheeva.