'Khatta Meetha' reviews were disheartening: Trisha


Mumbai, July 26 (IANS) South India actress Trisha Krishnan, who teamed up with Askhay Kumar in "Khatta Meetha", is upset with the media for trashing the comedy.

"I am a bit net buff and read everything. The reviews were bit disheartening. The reviews have trashed the movie. I don't know box-office wise, it's too early to speak, I guess," Trisha told IANS in an interview.

But she doesn't regret doing the movie.

"I don't regret because it's a baby step in Bollywood and I would not have got a better package. It had a big director, big hero and I am happy with it," said Trisha.

In "Khatta Meetha", Trisha plays a municipal commissioner with Akshay essaying the role of a struggling construction contractor.

"People said that probably I didn't fit the role of the commissioner. The commissioner should be a slightly older person. Actually, it was a very backhanded compliment in a way. I did feel that a commissioner should look a bit mature," said the actress.

"Friends were honest to say that they didn't like me in the commissioner's role. They like me as a college girl. It was a risk because I have never done something like this. Even in South, I have done different kind of roles, but never this kind of a role," she said.