KBC winner Sushil Kumar awaits his 5 cr


By Hindustan Times

After the 'rags to riches' refrain stopped playing out in a loop on all media channels, Sushil Kumar is back in news again. He is trending heavily on Twitter today as he still waits for the winning amount to be paid up.

"Apparently, while he still hasn't received a single paisa of the winning amount, he is being flooded with requests for doling out monetary help to people from all across the country, even abroad. Naturally, Sushil doesn't know how to handle it," reports Mid Day.

"I get letters from all over the country, and now even from abroad for financial help," shares Kumar with the tabloid.

"People walk in with their requests at any time of the day without warning, often when there's no male member in the house. My wife and the other ladies feel insecure," the tabloid quotes Kumar.

What about his prize money? "I haven't received a single paisa yet. Nor have I got any intimation or call from the channel as to when the money will reach me. I don't even know how much I'll get after tax deduction, etc. Basically, I am being flooded with requests to share the fund that I don't even have," Kumar tells the tabloid.

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