Katrina Kaif is Maxim's cover girl!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

“Kind Affable and Trustworthy Really Intelligent Nice Adorable
Knowledgeable Articulate Indian Fabulous”

Well, if you feel that we have gone bonkers, then, let us confess that we indeed have gone bonkers, over the latest issue of the men's magazine, Maxim, which has got none other than the Divine Goddess of Graciousness and Beauty herself, Katrina Kaif! She is one woman who has been in the news for all the right reasons. Now adding one more feather to the list of right reasons is her interview that simply takes your breath away as it simply sways you off the ground!

In this issue, Madame Kaif speaks all about her, right from her role in the her debut film Boom to her the in-famous Rs 6-crore deal, her definition of hell, and also the sexiest place in the planet, according to her!

All this and much more of this miracle called 'Katrina Kaif' in this never-before interview, which will only increase her ever-increasing fan-tribe called 'Katrina-ites'.

BTW, if you are still trying to decode those start-up words, then let us help you solve this 'Miss-stery'. Simply take the initials of the words which will lead you to a name that spells 'cool' not with a 'c', but with a Kapital 'K'! If you have found the answer, then, do let us know!