Katrina Kaif loses temper when asked to play a seductress?


By Hindustan Times

While recently shooting for a soap advert, Katrina Kaif reportedly lost her cool when the director asked her to pose seductively inside a bath tub. The director was apparently not satisfied with Katrina's seductive act and wanted a retake.

"Since it was a soap ad, Katrina was required to shoot for her scenes inside a bath tub. Despite giving several shots, the director didn't think Kat was emoting the right 'seductive' expressions. He requested her to try once more," a source told Mid Day.

"Kat was cordial with everyone on the sets. However, after the director made his request, Kat lost it," the tabloid quoted the source as saying.

She also issued a warning to the director to not "push the envelope" and the shoot was quickly wrapped up, reported the tabloid.

Any more 'Kat-calls' anyone!