Katrina Kaif: House-full!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, July 28 -- Okay, now who's whining out there? Turns out to be my Russian import K.One, whose women have decided to dump him because his pad in the city is too small for a threesome!

Awwww! Anyway, he has some dope about Barbie Katrina Kaif, who has no time to go house hunting because she's shooting round-the-clock.

But why does she need to house hunt, I ask. The reply is prompt! Her house in Bandra, in a tall building, leaks during monsoons, and she has no time to chase repair workers. Also, her mother and sisters are expected to move in with her very soon. The space in the current house would look crammed.Hmm. So, now what? K.One says she loves the current house and had purchased it after a lot of looking and running around the city. Till she finds time like that on hand, Kat plans to stay there. Gooooood!