Katrina Kaif denied leave for Christmas


In her decade-long Bollywood career, Katrina Kaif has never missed celebrating Christmas with her family in London, UK. In fact, she’s been known to turn down lucrative offers for stage performances during the end of the year, just so she can spend time with her family.

However, for the first time, this year, Katrina might have to miss her UK trip. We have learnt that the actor will be required to promote her next release — Dhoom:3 — in which she stars alongside Aamir Khan.

“Since it’s a big franchise, everyone will need to be heavily involved with the marketing. And since Aamir is already believed to have given tentative dates for the promotions, Katrina has to be available around the same time. So it looks like she won’t be able to visit her family this year,” says a source.

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