Katrina is Delhi University's Mai!


By Hindustan Times

She has been voted the top entertainer of 2010, the youth icon of the year and the sexiest actor in Bollywood across surveys. And now, actor Katrina Kaif has also been chosen as this year’s Damdami Mai by students of Hindu College.

As per this Valentine’s Day tradition popular in
Delhi University, students pray to the reigning Bollywood siren and everyone who eats the prasad of the ceremony gets into a relationship and loses their virginity soon. This year’s contenders were Malaika Arora Khan (for Munni Badnaam) and Katrina Kaif. “It had to be Sheila Ki Jawani! Kat in that song is the fantasy of every boy in our college,” says Neeraj Mann, prime minister, Hindu College.

KatrinaOn V-Day, students will put up an image of Kat on a tree on the campus, known as the ‘Virgin Tree’, which is done up with balloons and, at times, inflated condoms. Katrina could not be reached for comment.

How the ritual is conducted
This tradition of Damdami Mai has been a part of Hindu College's urban legends for years, and no one is sure where it all began. The ritual of worshipping the chosen Goddess of the year, involves a panditji who comes with a puja thali. The panditji is always a student of a college. In the past, a third year student would be nominated to become the pujari but now the winner of the Mr. Fresher contest gets to be a pandit and dress up for the part.

A teeka of red chilli powder is put on the foreheads of all the students present before the ceremonies start. A picture of the Goddess is hung on the 'Virgin Tree' which is decorated with balloons and inflated condoms. A procession is then carried out across the campus with the pandit carrying the puja ki thali. Slogans such as “Damdami Mai ki Jai” are chanted to the beat of the drums to invoke the Goddess.

Prasad is offered after the procession ends. Bhang ke laddo used to be distributed few years back but now motichoor ke laddoos and batashas are distributed.

Former Damdami Mai's include actor Priyanka Chopra, Madhubala, Mallika Sherwat, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone and Anara Gupta amongst others.