Katrina in a candid mood with Farhan on Oye! Its Friday


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Luck By Chance released a fortnight back and got quite some critical acclaim coming its way. Moreover, yet again, Farhan Akhtar was hailed as a true actor material, considering he has passed with flying colors in both Rock On and now Luck By Chance. Meanwhile, he continues with his other love, hosting a show, and is now back with Katrina Kaif. Who knows... tomorrow beauty may meet brains and we may have some more sizzling stuff happening on the big screen. Meanwhile, the fun continues on the small screen with yet another episode of 'Oye It's Friday'. Read on to know what to expect from this Friday's show!

I hate make-up

Katrina admits that she does get angry. And this happens when she is getting her make-up done because she doesn't like to be interrupted. In fact she gets irritated when someone touches her face again and again. Also, her patience level for make-up is not more than 20 minutes! Well, the million dollar question is - 'Does the pretty woman indeed require any make-up?'

Madhuri - my favorite

When Farhan found Katrina's smile to be as incredible as Madhuri Dixit, Katrina couldn't stop blushing at it. Reason? Madhuri happens to be Katrina's favorite, with other favorites being Sridevi, Kajol and Kareena Kapoor.

My first Hindi Film

Any guesses around Katrina's first Hindi film? Well, to give a hint, today it is considered as a classic even though it was released a few decades back. It starred Rekha in the lead role and what Katrina remembers from the film is just 'Rekhaji's face' (in her own words)!

Akshaye Khanna, my Chess friend

There is an interesting episode that Katrina narrates about her shoot for Race. When Katrina approached Akshaye to talk to him, he used to reply in short sentences (in his characteristic style). Once, when he was playing chess, Katrina asked him if she could join in too. Soon, it became their routine on the sets during each and every break during the film's shoot. Today, in hindsight, she believes that Akshaye was smart enough to shut Katrina by making her play the game. Reason? During the game of chess one can't talk much and hence it was the best idea that Akshaye applied to keep her quiet!

My food? Rice in milk!

Guess what's Katrina's favorite food? Well, it is rice in milk with sugar and cardamom. She likes simple food, so much so that her cook is always wondering about her taste since she prefers bland food with little or no spices.

My brother strongest

While Katrina's six sisters are very much talked about, not many are aware that she also has an elder brother. An adventurous sort who likes skiing and mountain climbing, he is supposed to be quite tough and protective of his sisters. On the show, Katrina narrates that when all the siblings go out and have a gala time; her brother sits quietly behind them. However, none of the sisters have to be over protective about him because once they are all around him, no other girl ever approach him!

Amitabh Bachchan who?

Though Katrina Kaif had started her career with Amitabh Bachchan in Boom, she didn't know who he was. She was very new to the industry at that time and didn't have any clue about his status in the film fraternity. When she was offered this role by Kaizad Gustad, everything was very new for her. She was casual as any new comer would be and it was only later did she realize that Mr. Bachchan was indeed a big name.

Farhan, get some better PJs!

The pretty lady does have guts and confidence. In the show, when Farhan was getting carried away with his PJs, Katrina offered help. She thought that she could help him with good PJs and also probably write better lines for him in the next episode. Oops!

Anil Kapoor's compliment? Should I talk about it?

Though she is said to be Akshay Kumar's current favorite when it comes to co-stars, the fact remains that she has worked with Anil Kapoor too in quite a few films. Remember Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Welcome, Race, Yuvvraaj? No wonder, she enjoys working with him. Someone who has seen her grow with every film of hers, Anil Kapoor has been lavish in complimenting Katrina. What was the compliment? Find it out this Friday on NDTV imagine in 'Oye it's Friday' at 10 PM