Katrina brings sexy back on GQ!


By Hindustan Times

Clad in a figure hugging dress, Katrina Kaif oozes an understated sensuality on the cover of men's magazine, GQ. Exuding confidence, Katrina looks the picture perfect as the magazine's covergirl. As the cover aptly puts it, 'Racy Retro Katrina - brings sexy back to office'.

Talking about plans for marriage and kids the actress says, "Do I see myself married in two years? I don't really know. I think by the time I'm around 33, I should be having kids. But you can't plan it. I do want to get married, but do I want to have a child grow up without a father? No. I think you need more security."

KatrinaThe actress opens up about sensuality, her place in the industry, feeling of being an outsider and more in this issue.