Kate Hudson: 'India is my mom's karmic home'



New Delhi, April 29 -- Her Oscar-winning actor-mother Goldie Hawn has been visiting India annually to seek lessons in spirituality and learn about her future, but Hollywood actor Kate Hudson, who has never been to the country, is yet to experience its charm.

"Mom calls India her karmic home. It's a feeling I want to share with her because she has had so many experiences in India over the years and has so many friends," Hudson, 34, tells us over the phone from New York. "We experience everything together, but it's one of the things that I feel I don't know about my mom. Yet, I'll try to. I look forward to it," she adds.

Hawn, 67, a practising Buddhist, had first come to India almost 40 years ago to attain diksha (lesson) in Hinduism from late Guru Devkinandan Shastri and has, since then, been coming here almost every year.

Hudson says there is so much spiritual talk at home that she, too, has made up her mind to visit India soon. "Mom goes to India every year and I've never been able to go. But I might come sometime next year. I'll definitely come (to India) for leisure. That's what I want to do," she says.

Hudson regrets not having been able to come here in 2011 to shoot with the entourage of her latest film, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which hits the screen here on May 10. "I was only in New York," says the mother of two, who laughs at the mention of Indian food.

"I think at this point of my life, I have tried every delicacy from India except being in India," she says. Ask her if she has heard of Bollywood and pat comes the reply, "Yes, of course." But when we grill her further, she cries, "No. No. No. I'm not that well (versed with names of actors from Bollywood) but I do love the energy of Bollywood movies. They are so colourful and energetic."