Karisma, Kareena introduce the next Kapoor


By IndiaFM

To be born in a filmy family and then being raised in the perpetual world of cinema is not much of news. But when the family’s surname reads as ‘Kapoor’, then, it instantly makes a whole world of difference.

Karisma and Kareena are no different. Even though they have the same surname, there is something about them that besides binding them together, also sets them apart from each other. They happen to be one of the very few siblings who seem to have torn the dictionary page that reads ‘sibling rivalry’. And it is very true, coz’ one does not ask for the address of a street where you do not wish to go! Joining them now is the young Samaira, who, in all possibilities, looks like the most probable option to be qualifying as the fifth generation torch bearer of the Kapoor clan. We do not deny that this is too early of a question, but one just cannot stop wondering as to where will Samaira be headed - obeying the Lights Camera Action...or will she be busy racking her brains solving fraction?

But looking at the photograph, it seems that she looks totally inspired from her Ma and Maasi, and is all set to say ‘cheese’ to the camera.