Kareena's shoe fetish!

Kareena (8).jpg

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 28 -- Accha listen, Safedi Lal, my dhobi, claims to have a nice nugget on Kareena Kapoor. About her having a shoe fetish. So much so that when she likes a particular design, she picks up every colour available in it.

No wonder the Kapoor kudi has over a thousand pairs of jootas and jootis, I'm told. According to Safedi, the lissome lass has a separate wardrobe for her footwear, all neatly organised in various shelves... so there's no trouble in picking up the one pair that perfectly matches her outfit then. Hmm!

Makes me wonder if she was instrumental in convincing beau Saif Ali Khan to sign up with her to endorse a footwear brand. Hai na?