Kareena, Shahid bury the hatchet!


By Hindustan Times

For the first time after their messy break-up few years ago, former lovers Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor greeted and spoke with each other warmly at Filmfare awards.

So strong were the negative vibes between them, that they even refused to promote their film Milenge Milenge together, much to the dismay of director Satish Kaushik, who was struggling to release his much-delayed romantic comedy.

The ex-couple did not see eye to eye even when they bumped into each other two years ago at an awards function. Then how did things change this time around?

The unexpected happened when Kareena Kapoor spotted SRK and Shahid during Filmfare awards. Though she could have easily ignored them, the lady instead walked up to them and said hi to both, much to the surprise of ex-flame Shahid. Not only this, she even spoke to Shahid cordially.

When contacted, Saif told Mumbai Mirror on, "Yes, Kareena did speak to Shahid at Filmfare. They met as one should."

Should we now expect the couple to appear in a movie together? Keep watching this space for updates.