Kareena Kapoor: Sick, not tired!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 23 -- My dhobi Safedi Lal has stepped into work rather early today and he doesn't seem in the best of moods. He's making funny sounds and stretching his body... Very obnoxious visual!

He says he's feeling like Kareena Kapoor these days, sick but not tired totally. The minute I give him this disgruntled look, he says that Bebo was away in London with beau Saif Ali Khan to bring in his birthday.

She wanted it to be a quiet affair. It was, because she was very quiet throughout the trip owing to a bad throat and fever.

But the actor didn't call off the interviews and meetings lined up from before. She finished all her work with the fever running high. Pooor girl, I must. Will send her flowers and a get-well-so on note attached.

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