Kareena Kapoor, R. Madhavan voted cutest vegetarians


By IndiaFM News Bureau

Film stars Kareena Kapoor and R. Madhavan have been crowned

winners in the first-ever "Cutest Vegetarian" online poll conducted by

petaDishoom – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA)

India's youth division. It was a close race with stiff challenges mounted by

a bevy of hottie runners-up, including Mallika Sherawat, Mahima

Chaudhary, Shahid Kapur and Rajneesh Duggal.

One look into Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor's radiant hazel eyes

and there's no doubt that cute and vegetarian are one and the same. The

youth icon and reigning screen queen also has the talent to match her

captivating looks: Kareena recently won the Best Actress Star Screen

Award for her performance in Omkara.

In the male category, it's no surprise that heartthrob Madhavan has

triumphed. A veteran of Hindi TV serials before going on to star in dozens

of films – including the much acclaimed Alaipayuthey and Guru- Madhavan

has always encouraged young people to go vegetarian for their health, the

animals and the environment. He has also helped his friends at PETA help

animals every chance he gets. He shot an ad in which he crammed himself

into a cage to show how chickens suffer, made a pro-vegetarian public

service announcement, did an introduction in Tamil for PETA 's

"Compassionate Citizen" education program and launched

petaDishoom.com’s popular pro-vegetarian online e-card.

Explains Madhavan, "Chickens may not be cute and cuddly like some

animals, but they still feel pain just like you and me. It's simple – I love

animals, so I don't eat them".

Why are so many celebrities shunning meat faster than you can say

"veggie burger"? Celebrities cite many reasons for forgoing flesh, from

avoiding the cruelty inherent in all meat production to improving their health

and energy levels and helping the environment by not contributing to

factory-farm pollution.