Kareena Kapoor to make Rs. 50 crore from ads this year

By Hindustan Times

The fact that Kareena Kapoor makes many crores from her brand endorsements is not a surprising one. However, we’ve just been informed that this year, the actor is likely to make over Rs. 50 crore from the 22 brands that she represents — the highest for any female Bollywood star.

“She is one of the top actors in the industry, and since she has proved herself as an impressive brand ambassador over the years, the companies have also developed a lot of confidence in her,” says an industry insider.

Meanwhile, the actor, who has never spoken about her pay cheques in the press, stands by her code. “I don’t talk about money. It’s too personal a thing for me,” says Kareena, with a smile, before adding, “I sincerely feel that the brands I represent are an ex