Kareena Kapoor agitates Priyanka Chopra?

By Hindustan Times

There are no points for guessing that two of the contemporary actresses in Bollywood- Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor- don't really get along well. Latest buzz doing rounds is that preferential treatment given to Bebo at a recent awards ceremony miffed Pee Cee.

"Priyanka, who was supposed to dance to Yash Chopra's songs, had been practising hard since the afternoon. She had been sweating it out on the floor when, closer to the show time she noticed Kareena sailing in. This was her first public appearance post wedding, and Bebo simply breezed in and out without putting in even as much as a fraction of the effort or time that Priyanka had for the show. This irked PeeCee no end," an eye witness told Mumbai Mirror.

"She threw a fit behind closed doors, upset with the organisers with their preferential treatmen