Kareena hitting a career high: Shahid Kapoor ...

By Subhash K. Jha, Indo-Asian News Service


(IANS) Shahid Kapoor, who is yet to find the right project after

"Vivah", says girlfriend Kareena Kapoor is hitting the best time of her

career now and from this year on both will focus only on quality


Asked about his wish list for himself and Kareena in 2007, he told

IANS: "I'd like to do good work and balance out my personal life with

my work. Kareena is hitting the best time of her career now.

"I think quality has become far more important today than it was

earlier because one successful film, no matter how small, is in the eye

of the audience. Neither Kareena nor I can get away with doing bad


Shahid is still searching for a good project to take up after


"I'd be happy picking any script that has mass appeal. No point in

giving a good performance in a film that nobody watches. Luckily, films

like 'Rang De Basanti' or even 'Vivah' have broken the mould.

"In fact, both Kareena and I have taken a deliberate decision to cut

loose completely and start with a clean slate. Today she's doing a Mani

Ratnam film. Every actor in the industry wants to work with Mani sir.

She has been very patient, hasn't worked for eight to nine months.

That's tougher on a leading lady than a hero. I'm so happy that her

decision to be patient has paid off. I hope it pays off for me."

Will Shahid be in Sooraj Barjatya's next film? "I've my finger

crossed. I'd do anything to work with him again. I was lucky 'Vivah'

did well. It gave me the confidence to hold out. 'Vivah' has put me in

a position to be patient. It was time for me to move to another


"I've been patient. I did get scared when I got up workless. But now

I'm comfortable connecting with myself, listening to scripts and

watching as many films as possible."

He also has happy memories of meeting singer Nelly Furtado backstage

before a show Dec 31.

"I was aware that Nelly and I wouldn't be able to do an act

together. We were all so stressed-out about our acts. Nelly had her own

act ready from beforehand.

"I told her how much I loved her 'Powerless' track. She surprised me

by telling me she remembered meeting me and Kareena on a flight

sometime back. I was quite touched and taken aback that she actually

remembered that. I'd have liked to dance with Nelly. But she had barely

landed barely 24 hours earlier."

Kareena wasn't there to cheer Shahid at the event. "She watched me

on television from home. I preferred her to be with her family. It

wasn't such a big event that I'd want her to be there for me."

But it was Shahid's first live performance in Mumbai. "Since I'm not

doing any movies right now I had the time to rehearse. In any case I

don't like going on stage until I'm fully prepared. The best part of

the evening was the interaction with the live audience.

"Earlier this year I had gone on my first world tour. That's when I

realised how heady the whole experience of a live performance can be.

This was like 20 minutes away from my home. So it felt like 'apne ghar

ki baat'. The turnout was damn good...9,000 people. The standing

cheering crowd was very MTV-style.

"That's only possible for an event like New Year's Eve. To add to my

excitement, this was my first performance in India and that too before

a live crowd. Of course, I've performed at awards functions. But never


Shahid had a good time. "Bringing in 2007 while I was at work was a

good thing. I haven't been working for two months. It felt good to be

working again."