Kareena: Aaja nach le!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 14 -- Madhu my Mottu Maid has barged into my boudoir, minus my Oolong green tea, yet again. She insists that she has some really important news for me. And her taaza khabar is that the FIFA event managers have now approached Kareena Kapoor to feature in the special music video, the budget of which is believed to be SIMPLY HUGE.

I pointed out to her that Bebo herself denied doing any naach-gaana for the FIFA audio-video, saying that she was actually talking about football and education for over 72 million under-privileged children across the globe.

But Mots reiterates that the FIFA event managers had second thoughts about how a top Bollywood actress, and the only Indian they're associating with, could not be featured in the music video.

So, it seems they have asked Bebo to re-consider their request and participate in, what they're calling, a musical extravaganza. Hmm, okay Mottu, if you insist. Now go get my tea, pronto.