The Kapoor clan gets together!


By Hindustan Times

The Kapoor family has been a part of Bollywood for the past five generations — from Prithviraj Kapoor, who started Prithvi Theatres in Mumbai in 1944 to Ranbir Kapoor, who debuted in 2007. The latest issue of fashion glossy, Vogue India, features the Kapoor clan in a special shoot.

Also part of the photograph, is actor Shammi Kapoor, who passed away in August.

In an interview about the Kapoor legacy, actor Rishi Kapoor says cinema comes first for them.

“The Kapoors have been in the business for 80-odd years. There has been a Kapoor for every generation. And while we may have been a bunch of rogues, big drinkers and big eaters, we’ve always had great respect, love and passion for our work. That is one thing that I am proud to say: we have had great reverence for the work. The studio is, and always will be, our temple,” said Rishi.