Kangna gears up for sister's wedding


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 4 -- Although stars are known to command a good fee to dance at weddings, they groove the most when they're celebrating with their own kin. That's an observation made by my dhobi, who's just strolled in and claims to have some dope on Kangna Ranaut's next shaadi appearance.

Not surprisingly, it's for her sister Rangoli, who's marrying her long-time beau Ajay Chandel in Manali sometime in the middle of this month. Safedi Lal enthuses that Kangy indulged in plenty of shopping when she went to Hong Kong recently, for a month-long spell of Double Dhamaal.

Seems like after pack-up every day, the actor would head to shop for her sister's trousseau. And that hasn't stopped even after she returned to Mumbai. I'm told that Kangy has assigned Reza Shariffi, who designed Madhuri Dixit's outfits in Devdas, to create her sister's shaadi ka lehenga. Chalo, badhiya hai.