Kangna: Aao party Karen!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Mar. 5 -- Oi oi.. What is this I'm hearing early morning now? Safedi Lal has buzzed to tell me that he's not coming to work today. Reason: He went to party at Kangna Ranaut's house in Bandra on Friday night and is still reeling from a hangover.

Seems Ranaut is thrilled with her recent film, Tanu Weds Manu, faring well at the box-office and thought it was reason enough to celebrate. So instead of hosting a bash at a suburban nightspot, she played the perfect host as she invited the movie's cast, crew and select friends from the industry for a fun-filled night at her pad.

Chalo, badhiya hai! After disastrous duds like No Problem, she would have had many a problem if this had not worked for her. However, when asked for gossip from the party, my dhobi' slurring again. I blew my top off at him to return to his senses and revert to me... Pronto.