Kangana turns mentor



Mumbai, April 15 -- Seventeen-year-old Paras Arora, who is gearing up for his Bollywood debut, couldn't be happier to have Kangana Ranaut as his co-star. The actors are playing the lead characters in Vishwas Patil's Rajjo.

"She's very supportive and always guides me a lot on the scenes. Before the shoot, I was very nervous about working with her. In fact, our first scene together was the one where I had to choke her. It was really difficult as we had never interacted before. But she was very supportive, warm and friendly."

In the film, Paras plays an 18-year-old guy who falls for a Nautch girl played by Kangana.

A source says, "Before shooting, Kangana and Paras would rehearse together so that they could be comfortable during the filming." Adds Paras, "Whenever she felt my dialogues weren't working well, she would give her inputs. She'd also share her life experiences with me. It was great to have her as a mentor."