Kamal Hassan's Vishwaroopam banned for 15 days in Tamil Nadu


By Hindustan Times

Giving in to pressure from Islamic organizations, the Tamil Nadu government on Wednesday banned Kamal Hassan film Vishwaroopam for fifteen days.

Government took a decision late on Wednesday to prevent the film from being shown for the next 15 days and stop the premier slated for Friday. This came after Islamic organizations called on home secretary and submitted a memorandum alleging that the film portrayed the muslim community in a bad light and was certain to incite passions if shown to people.

All district collectors have been asked to issue ban orders and implement them, a government source said on Wednesday night.

Kamal Hassan, who had earlier run into problems with distributors of the film for trying to release the film on DTH television platform before the conventional release in theatres, had denied the allegations and had even organized a special screening for muslim groups to allay their fears on Tuesday.

Instead, the muslim organizations hardened their stance after watching the film that they alleged depicted the muslim community in an extremely poor light.

The film is about an effeminate Bharatanatyam-dancer husband winning back his wife who is falling into a trap laid by a terrorist. What has irked the Islamic community is that the film set in Afghanistan shows muslims as terrorists to an extent , they say, that it gave an impression that muslims are terrorists.

HM Jawahirullah, MLA and president of Muslim Munnetra Kazhgam, who was part of the delegation, alleged that the film painted all muslims as terrorists. The film even has a one-eyed associate of terrorist who was shown having lived in Coimbatore and Madurai.

The film will hurt muslim sentiments and thus be banned, he said reflecting the views of the community. On Tuesday, the Islamic groups called on Chennai police commissioner with the same demand.