Kajol had fifteen years, give me time...I will get there - Tanisha


By IndiaFM

Now you see her, now you don't. That is exactly how one would describe Tanisha. Four flops and one hit to her name, this Mukherjee protégé, has been out of the industry since two years after the failure of Neal N Nikki, but is determined to fight back. IndiaFM's Devansh Patel finds out the reason of her dissapearance from big screen, her obsession with shopping in London, her next big release Sarkar Raj with the Bachchan's and lots more...

Where has Tanisha dissapeared?
Tanisha has not dissapeared anywhere. She will be in front of you by the end of this year with two releases - Ashwini Dheer's One Two Three with Paresh Rawal, Sunil Shetty, Upen Patel, Tusshar Kapoor and Esha Deol, followed by Ram Gopal Varma's Sarkar Raj with the Bachchan's.
Tell us something more about One Two Three and your role in the film.
One Two Three is a comedy with an ensemble cast. Ashwini Dheer the director is also the writer of the film and it is produced by Big Screen Entertainment. Well, the character I am playing is of a very innocent, bubbly, and a sweet girl who works in a car showroom. So far, I can only reveal this much. Nevertheless, one thing is sure, the audiences will definitely have a laugh once the film releases.

Do you think working with new directors is like taking a risk?
No not at all, everything matters. I can't make a generalized statement about all new directors. Yes, Ashwini Dheer has a lot of experience writing for small screen. Now he is writing for the big screen and directing it. Therefore, as an actor I would say that he is not new. Ashwini has contributed enormously to this film. Overall, it is a risk for anyone who is in this profession, whether it's me, my co-stars, my director or my producer.

Who do you think is going to be the trump card of One Two Three? Is it Tusshar, Upen or Paresh?
The film in itself is the biggest trump card. Once you watch it, you will realize that it is going to be a great film.

When are we going to see you work with your sister Kajol in films?
Not at the moment but you never know, you might see us together eventually.

Let's talk about Sarkar Raj. What’s going to make Sarkar Raj even more interesting to watch than its predecessor Sarkar?
Let me tell you that I am not allowed to speak anything about this film yet but what I can say is that Sarkar Raj is going to be even more intense than Sarkar, it will be one step further than Sarkar because Ram Gopal Varma has written a fabulous script for this film. Sarkar Raj is going to be a great continuation.

You play Abhishek Bachchan's wife in the sequel. How was the experience working with Abhishek for the second time?
I would also like to speak about Mr. Amitabh Bachchan here. Abhi and Mr. Bachchan are very protective. They do take good care of their co-stars. They are such great professionals that they will also concentrate on what you are doing. Moreover, with Amitji, he will tell you small pointers while shooting that can better your performance, which I find very helpful. It is just great to be in front of somebody who is such a perfectionist and a brilliant actor.

Ramu's Aag extinguished even before it caught fire. Do you think people will now go and watch Sarkar Raj?
I would not say that because Sarkar Raj will pull all those who have loved Sarkar. It might even attract more crowds because it has Aishwarya in it too and the audience will be seeing the entire family together for the first time and the most important - that Abhishek has now taken over from Amitabh in Sarkar Raj, which you saw in the end of Sarkar. I am sure that the fire will intensify in Sarkar Raj among the audiences.

Without being biased, what was more enjoyable? Working in Sarkar Raj or One Two Three?
You know, the great thing was that they were both opposite characters. In Sarkar Raj I'm playing a very simple, traditional Maharashtrian house wife. She is very somber. Whereas the film One Two Three is this very loud, lively, commercial, fun, hysterical. I was going from one set to the next because I was shooting for both these films in the same month. Therefore, both are close to me and it will be unfair to be biased.

What is Tanisha doing in 2008?
I am right now going through a few scripts. I have not signed anything because I don't want to rush into anything. I would love to do more films like One Two Three and Sarkar Raj and explore different aspects of my personality. One thing is sure; you will see me a lot in 2008.

The last time I saw you was in ‘Jane Norman’, a women's fashion store in London where you were shopping with mum Tanuja. Tell me, what fascinates you about London?
I think there is so much energy there. Yes, as we all know that London is the fashion capital of the world and I totally believe that. The kinds of clothes you get, the nightlife...it is rocking! I love the city for its rich history and heritage.

Do you think that the critics have written you off because you haven't been a part of successful films and can't match up to the level of work Kajol has done in her career?
My sister Kajol has had a career, which has spanned over fifteen years. I have just come in. Give me time...I will get there.

What inputs do you get from your mother Tanuja, sister Kajol and brother-in-law Ajay Devgan about your work?
I am not comfortable talking about my personal life but all I can say is that I have a great family. They support me and stand by all my decisions and they give me the best advice.

How did you celebrate Ganesh Chaturti?
Well, it is sad that Ganesh Chaturti is over. I celebrated the festival at home with my family with our traditional lunches including Maharashtrian food. There were lots and lots of 'sheera' and mithai's to grab your hands on. It was ‘good and quality time’ spent with family and Ganeshji.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Eklavya is an offcicial entry to the Oscars from India and some people from the industry are not happy about the selection. What are your views?
It is quite controversial to comment on but I do think that the Indian Film Industry is one big family. I do believe that it is tough to survive in our industry but it is never a dog-eat-dog situation. We are and will remain as one big family. I wish Eklavya and Mr. Chopra the best.

Any such film in the recent past you would love to watch repeatedly.
There would be two films I'd love to watch repeatedly. One is Rang De Basanti and the other is Chak De India.

Name your favorite Tanujaji's film and Nutanji's film
Nutan mausi's film, which I love, is Tere Ghar Ke Samne with Dev Anand saab and a film of my mum which I love is Haathi Mere Saathi.