Kajol: 'Egypt enchanted me'



Mumbai, May 30 -- Kajol is juggling time between her family, managing her household, endorsements and her production house. Amidst all this, the actor also needs to travel for various assignments, but unlike others who find it boring, she is always bubbling with excitement about her globe-trotting adventures.

Kajol is well-equipped while she is travelling and always keeps books handy to read in case she gets bored on a long flight. The actor, who is a mother of two - Nysa and Yug - has her hands full, but says that most of her travels till now have been work-related.

"I have taken very few holidays and most of the places I have visited have been work-related" says Kajol. Her most memorable trip, Kajol says, was to Egypt. "I went there for work and I visited a few places when I was free. Egypt is a stunning country and it really enchanted me. The sunrise and the sunset there, and the multihued sand dunes are outstanding. You feel like you are in heaven. It's simply arresting" she reveals.

The actor says that she loves exploring different locations and tasting the local food. "I am a big foodie and I thoroughly enjoy local cuisines. I go for long walks to explore the place well. I ended up discovering a local flea market where you can purchase antiques, collectibles, souvenirs and also taste the local food. There was one joint that served delicious vegetarian food, something I was not expecting at all," she says.

Among the many places she visited, Kajol insists that the Pyramids and the The Great Sphinx left her feeling overwhelmed. "Apart from that, the ancient temples of Luxor, dating back to thousands of years ago, are a must visit. The place imbibes mystery and beauty. For all those who are interested in ancient history and like to explore, visiting the pyramids is a must."

However, the actor is also disappointed that she has been unable to visit the place with her family. "I have been there only once and am dying to go again with my kids. I really want them to experience the beauty of Egypt but we haven't managed to do so. I am sure I will take them there sometime."