Kailash Kher sued


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Sept. 12 -- Tickets for his Saturday-night concert were almost sold out, but on Friday evening, barely 24 hours before the show, singer Kailash Kher's performance in the Capital was cancelled. While Kher blames the last minute chaos on the fact that he wasn't paid his dues, the organisers are taking the singer to court on grounds of harassment.

Talking to HT City, Kher explains that the organisers of the concert, which was a charity show for the Guru Nanak Garib Niwaj Education Society, failed to pay him his due amount - R6.5 lakh. "They were to pay me 50 per cent of the total R12.5 lakh before the show, but even a day prior, they hadn't paid me. But, I learnt that they had been selling tickets in my name. They waited till the last minute to cancel the show," says Kher.

However, the director of the event management company handling the show, Crafters events, Sneha Singh, says that matters fell apart when they were threatened by Kher's management team. "We paid Kher 25 per cent, as was agreed. But, his manager, Pakul Chaturvedi, threatened to stop the show if we didn't pay them more," she says, adding, "They did not get back to me till the last minute, so we sold tickets. Now, we are filing a case against them," she says. "Our tickets were sold out," says N Lad of BookMyShow, adding that they would now have to refund the tickets, which were worth R3,500, R2,500 and R1,000. "Such horrible mismanagement is why no artist comes to Delhi. We called up at 5pm on Friday for tickets and the show was on, and at 6.30pm they said it was cancelled. What about our money?" says Ira Singh., who planned to attend the concert.