Kader Khan back with a bang!


By Hindustan Times

After 40 years in the Hindi film industry, veteran writer-actor Kader Khan is set to venture into direction with Parchhaiyan. The evergreen star has not only written the film but will be producing and acting in it as well. Divulging a bit about his project, he says, “The film is based on
an actor who, on turning producer and making it big, treats his family unfairly simply to maintain his image. The film revolves around how everyone is dependent on their image.

No one sees themselves through their own eyes. They depend on the perceived image — whether it’s in a mirror, or a photograph, society or in a film. But what would happen if the image revolted against you?”

Though he has 700 films to his credit, Kader Khan’s acting stints in the last 10 years have been few and far between. Des Drohi (2008) was his last assignment. Currently, he is busy with the two one-act plays he has written, called Kal Ke Kalakar International.

Khan says, “I don’t enjoying acting anymore. The current films don’t interest me at all.” He feels villains today have lost their charm. “I am glad to have the chance to relive the numerous characters I played in my time on stage. I don’t want to play a villain anymore, as nowadays, villains are not so ferocious or untouchable. A villain should be a powerful man — until the climax, of course,” says the 76-year-old actor.

In the last few years, Kader Khan taught Arabic and Urdu in his schools in Dubai and Toronto. He wants to open a branch in India too, as he believes that one can’t be a good actor without a proper grip on Urdu. “If you are not well versed in the language, you can’t make the right gestures, give the proper expressions or deliver dialogue in the correct manner,” he says.