Kabir to make film fit for Salman Khan!


By Hindustan Times

Director Kabir Khan, who experienced unprecedented success with Ek Tha Tiger and Salman Khan, now wants to work with the star again. Though he states that it won’t be a sequel to the 2012 blockbuster, the director admits that he is working on an idea that will be fit for Salman.

“I am working on a script and it will need a big star like Salman. I am working on a couple of ideas simultaneously,” says Kabir, adding, “I enjoy working with Salman and would love to cast him again, provided there is an appropriate story that suits him. He is a huge star, so you can’t just cast him in any film.”

The director, however, does reveal that his next, too, will be a love story with high voltage action. “I still think that Ek Tha Tiger was a love story, which had more stunts than proper action films,” he says.

Kabir feels that Ek Tha Tiger would make a fantastic franchise, but maintains that the open ending in the film was intentional and there are no plans of making a sequel. “I don’t like to give a story a full stop. That’s why I designed this particular ending for Ek Tha Tiger. More so, he (Tiger) is like a legend and thanks to such an ending, his myth continues. When people see the film, the end compels them to believe that a sequel is in the offing, but we honestly don’t have any plans,” he says.