"Jumbo has elements that Lion King had" - Lara Dutta


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

This Christmas 'Every thing's gonna be alright', and that's exactly what the film Jumbo says. Bollywood Hungama caught up with the gorgeous Lara Dutta who has lent her voice to the melodious character of Sonia in the film. In a free-wheeling chat Lara talks about her experience dubbing for this animated flick.

For the first time you will be giving voiceover for an animated film in Bollywood. How did you think of this, all of a sudden?
Akshay is a very good friend... I remember it was when we were shooting an action sequence in Phuket for the film Blue that he offered me Jumbo. He told me that it is a very sweet film and he would love to have me play a part in it. I also felt it was a lovely film and immediately signed it. I have always been fond of watching animation films, so to be part of an animation film got me really excited.

So you agreed to lend your voice for the film because of Akshay?
Yes... but then that is just one of the factors. Akshay and I have done many films. He is a fantastic co star and a dear friend. It is always my pleasure to work with him. However, like I said I was thrilled to be part of an animation film. And Jumbo is a very sweet film.

What is your character in the film? Do you think your voice suited the character?
The cute pink elephant is me (Smiles) I play Jumbo's love interest. Her name is Sonia. I was required to sound very melodious so I had to ensure that I got it right. It was fun and I have given my best. Hope the audience feels that my voice has suited the character.

Which is more difficult? Acting or giving voice to an animated character?
Well, it is difficult to give voice to an animated character. But then, there are two sides to it. The difficult part is that since you haven't shot for it, you have to understand the emotions that the character is supposed to go through. That is a challenge. But on the positive side you can interpret it in many ways... it allows you to be creative. You don't need to talk in an exaggerated manner. You just have to understand the graph of your character and speak accordingly.

Jumbo is basically about family and its values, how much do you agree with this?
Yes... a lot. The film is high on family values. The story is about a baby elephant who longs for his father and how he leaves his herd and embarks upon a journey in search of his father. I was very touched with the storyline.

Which other animated films have you seen and liked the best?
I love Lion King... In fact Jumbo has elements that Lion King had.

Is the film targeting kids only?
No... It is for everyone. You are never too old for animation movies. Jumbo isn't a mindless film. It has a definite storyline and a moral to the story which the audience will like. But yes... I'm doing this film completely for my kiddie audience.

Apart from Jumbo... what else do you have in the pipeline?
There's Blue with Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt, then there is Billu Barber with Irrfan Khan and Shahrukh. Apart from that there is Do Knot Disturb with Govinda and Banda Yeh Bindass Hai with Salman.