Juhi Parmar wins Bigg Boss 5?


By Hindustan Times

Rumours are rife that the universal bhabhi Juhi Parmar has won the fifth season of reality show Bigg Boss. The TV actor who is known more for pacifying other inmates than helping the show's TRPs, seems to be the most favoured.

As of now, the contestants other than Juhi still remaining in the show are Amarr Upadhyay, Sky, Siddarth and Sunny Leone, all of whom have albatross around their necks. Most ousted contestants aver that the men in the house have huge egos and are of an argumentative nature. This leaves Sunny and Juhi.

Juhi ParmarOf these, Sunny Leone's pornstar background and language barrier make her the weaker candidate. In contrast, Juhi is friendly with all and is seen more as the mother hen.

For some, the non-controversial Juhi, who has not contributed to the TRP count at all, may come as a surprise winner. But if the viewers' votes are to be believed, this is not so surprising considering last year also they chose the quiet and politically correct Shweta Tiwari over characters like Dolly Bindra, The Great Khali, Ashmit Patel and even Pakistani actor Veena Malik.

So, will the best bhabhi indeed win the fray?