Juhi Chawla: 'Kids can be fun and exhausting'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Sept. 9 -- Juhi Chawla's chat show Badmaash Company, that sees the actor interview kids, is ready to begin next week. The actor admits she could relate with the concept because of her own kids, daughter Janvi (ten) and son Arjun (seven).

"They're in similar age groups as my guests. It's amazing how kids think, corelate emotions with certain situations and have opinions on just about anything under the sun. They may not even know the meanings of words, like crush and date, but they still end up using them in the most appropriate situations. Kids just don't stop surprising you. They are fun and exhausting," beams Juhi.

The show starts on Colors next week and is expected to be a 13-episode series that has been more or less shot already. The show is divided into segments. One is a fun and relaxed interview with kids while in another; children are put into certain situations and filmed on hidden cameras. There's also a quiz in which kids parents and their parents face-off. "One of the funniest segments is hosted by my coanchor Shourya Watwani. He's all of eight and reminds me of Aamir Khan. He's smart, intelligent, spontaneous and witty like Aamir. He's supposed to go on the road and randomly ask general knowledge questions to adults," says Juhi.

"No adult ever suspects that the kneehigh TV anchor can put them in a spot with his questions and remarks." Two decades ago, actor Anupam Kher conducted a similar chat show with kids called Say No Something To Anupam Uncle. Bring up the obvious comparisons, and Juhi says, "I remember watching an episode or two. The undertone of that show was serious. It was with teenagers. Here, we stop at eight year olds whose minds function faster and better than most adults."